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The Library page displays recordings captured by SnapStream.

In-progress recordings are marked with a red dot. 

To play a video in the Web Player interface, click the title of the recording or the Play button.


clip0030(Play):. Begins playback of the clip in the SnapStream Web Player at a point in the timeline just before the search result
clip0052(View Transcript): Displays the transcript of the entire recording in the browser  
(Share): Share a recording with another SnapStream user. 
clip0104(Multiview): Adds the recording to the Multiplayer.
clip0034(Details):  Shows the recording's Details window


The library provides several different views of recorded shows:

All: Displays every recording available.
Series: Show all recordings from a particular series. This option displays a picklist of the series that appear in the Library:



Click the red trash can next to a series to delete every item in that series

Channel: Show all recording from a particular channel
Folder: Show all recordings from a particular Video Folder.
Tag: Show all recordings with a particular tag.
Daily/ Weekly/ Monthly: Show all recordings from a particular time period.
All Clips: Displays all clips
My Clips: Displays clips made by the current user
Playlists- Displays a list of the playlists that have been created. 
All GIFs: Displays all GIFs
My GIFs: Displays GIFs made by the current user
Working Lists: Lists of items that have been selected to have tasks run on them, but have not yet been submitted. See Working Lists.
Note: this item will not appear unless there are Working Lists in progress.


Use the drop-down window at the top right to sort entries in the Library:


​The Library will automatically remember the last Sort setting that you used. 


 Note: By default, items in My Clips and All Clips views will be sorted by the date on which the clip was created, NOT the date of the original recording. There are additional Sort options for the date on which clips were recorded.

Use the checkboxes to select recordings in order to take action on them. To select a range of items at once, use Shift + Click. To Select All of the recordings on the current page of the library, use the checkbox at the top of the page. Click on the arrow next to the Select All box to see options for a Filtered Selection:


Selected (checked) recordings can be deleted using the Delete button.


The options in the More Actions drop-down menu also affect Checked recordings:


ShowSqueeze: Submits all checked recordings for transcoding in a batch. See ShowSqueeze Selected Shows.  
SmartChapter: Submits all checked recordings for SmartChapter generation.  See SmartChapter Selected Shows.
Move: Moves all checked recordings to a video folder of your choice. Note: Enterprise TV cannot move recordings to a location that has not been added as a video folder.  
Export: Copies all checked recordings to the Export Folder of your choice. See Export Selected Shows or Folder Manager
Run Workflow: Executes the Workflow of your choice on the checked recordings. See Workflows.
Stop Recording: Stop an in-progress recording. Selecting this option for a completed recording will have no effect.
Lock Item: Ensures the show will not be automatically deleted. Shows with this setting will be marked with a lock icon.  
Unlock Item: Allows Enterprise TV to delete the recording when running low on space.  
Mark As Watched/ Mark As New: Marks checked recordings as Watched or New.  
Add to My Clips (clips only): Adds a clip to the My Clips page for the user who is currently logged in.
Share: Uploads a copy of the recordings or clips to SnapStream's cloud server and sends an e-mail to the addresses you specify with links for playback. See Share.
Add To Playlist: Adds the item to a playlist. See Playlists.
Download: Download selected recordings to disk
• Download with Aux Data: Download selected recordings to disk, along with SRT (caption) and timeindex (metafile) data files (SnapStream Support may ask you to do this in the course of troubleshooting)
Upload to YouTube (clips only): Uploads the selected clips to YouTube under your account. See Upload to YouTube.

Click Upload to add a file from your desktop to the Library

You will see this screen: 

You may select a File or SRT File, and a Library Destination Folder. Submit when done. See Upload File for more information.

RSS feeds are available for the All page, as well as individual series, folders, and clips. To get access to the RSS feed for a page in the Library, click the clip0088 icon. Feeds are available in iTunes, Outlook, and standard RSS formats. See RSS Feeds for more information.

More options are available for individual recordings, in the menu to the right of the recording entry in the library:

  • : Plays the video in the Web Player interface.
  • : Places the recording in one of the Multi-View slots (or removes it). See Playing multiple recordings for more information.

  • : Views the closed-captioning transcript in your web browser. For more information, see View and Edit Transcript.
  • : Saves a copy of the recording to your local computer.
  • : Sends an e-mail to the addresses you specify with a link to play back this item. See Share Clips for more information.
  • : Allows the metadata for this recording to be changed. See Edit Recording for more information.
  • : Deletes the item permanently
  • : Locks (or unlocks) the item
  • Create GIF: Creates a GIF from the video file
  • Download Transcript: Saves a copy of the closed caption transcript to your local computer as a text file.
  • Edit Job: Allows changes to the options for the recording job from which this video was created. See Edit Recording Job for more information.
  • Extend Recording: (in-progress recordings only) Extends a recording past its currently scheduled endpoint. See Current Recordings for more information.
  • Run Workflow: Executes the Workflow of your choice on the recording. See Workflows.
  • View Analytics: See the Analytics Report for this recording
  • Periscope: Stream the recording to Periscope
  • Facebook Live: Stream the recording to Facebook Live
  • YouTube Live: Stream the recording to YouTube Live
  • More Episodes: Displays a list of other recordings from the same series as this recording.
  • More Information: Opens the Details page for this recording.
  • Upload to YouTube (clips only): Uploads a copy of the recording to YouTube under your account. See Upload to YouTube for more inofrmation.
  • Tweet (clips only): Shares the clip to Twitter. See Tweeting Clips for more information.


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