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The Share feature allows you to share clips with colleagues using SnapStream Cloud Share. SnapStream cloud share will transcode the selected clips and upload them to, then send e-mails with links for playback. 


To E-mail Address: The e-mail address(es) to which the playback links will be sent. Separate multiple addresses with commas, as in the 'To" field of an e-mail.

From E-mail Address: The "from" address that will appear in the e-mails. This field will autopopulate with the e-mail address of the user who is currently logged in, if an address is specified in User Settings or Account Settings. If no address is specified for the user, the "E-mail Task From" address in E-mail Alerts will be used instead.

Subject Prefix: Text that will be added to the subject line of the e-mails that the user receives

Body: The text of the e-mail..

Share Duration: The number of days for which the shared clip will remain available for viewing.

Once Send is clicked, the clip(s) will be added to the task queue. It will take a few minutes for the e-mails to be sent due to transcoding and uploading. The progress of the Share tasks can be viewed on the Tasks page. After ShowSqueeze is complete and the files are uploaded, the e-mails will be sent automatically.


Click Add More to select additional clips to share from the library in this session. Note: this will create a Working List for the Share Clip feature. 

Click Clear List to remove all of the existing items from this session.

Note: Multiple clips shared during the same session will generate a single e-mail with multiple playback links.

To see a list of shared clips, go to the Tasks page. 

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