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Selecting ShowSqueeze from the Library or the Recording Details screen will open this page:

This screen lists all selected recordings and presents transcoding options for the entire batch.


 Total Original Size
Current combined file size of all selected shows 
 Estimated ShowSqueeze Size  Estimated combined file size of all selected shows after transcoding. This information will change depending on the options selected below.  
 Target File Format  Selects the format of the file to be created by the ShowSqueeze operation. Options are WMV, H.264, H.264 Transport Stream and Quicktime (H.264 + AAC).
 Target Quality  The quality profile used to create the new file.
 Target Quality Bitrate  The bitrate for the quality profile that has been selected. 
 Target Video Folder  The Video Folder where the new file will be placed in.
  • After making the desired selections, be sure to hit the Submit button.
  • Click Add More to select additional clips to share from the library in this session. 
             ​Note: this will create a  Working List for the ShowSqueeze  feature.
  • Click Clear List to remove all of the existing items from this session.

For more information about video formats and quality profiles, see
File Format Profiles. 

Your ShowSqueeze jobs can be tracked on the Tasks page. In addition, when they begin processing, you will see Task Popups in the web interface indicating their progress.

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