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Account Settings

To open Account Settings, click the gear icon in the top right corner of the page.


The Account Settings page allows users to configure the default behavior of some features in the web interface and to change their passwords.


Notification Options

Display Task Popup NotificationsWhen this option is turned on, Task Popups will appear.

Search Options

Collapse Search Results: When this option is turned on, multiple search hits within a single recording will be collapsed into the first hit from that recording by default.

Default Search Filter: This option allows the user to specify a search filter to apply to all searches. See Search Help for the options that are available. Note:  if a filter is enabled here, it can be disabled on the fly when using Search.


Web Player Options

Skip Forward/Back: These option affect the behavior of the "Skip Forward" and "Skip Back" buttons and keyboard shortcuts in the Web Player.

E-mail Address: The e-mail address entered here is used to autopopulate the "From" field when sharing clips, and the "To" field when creating TV Alerts. If no address is entered here, the "E-mail Task From" address in E-mail Alerts will be used instead.


Change Password

To change this user's password, enter the old password and the new password here. A user with the Administer Users Permissions permission can also change a user's password.
his option will not appear for users logged in using LDAP credentials.


Personal External Accounts

In this section, you can configure external accounts that will be available only to you. See the
Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube settings pages for instructions.

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