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GIFs can be managed through the Library like recordings.
Click on All GIFs to see a list of all available GIFs, or My GIFs to see only GIFs that you have created.


Clicking on the clip0030 icon or on the title of a GIF will open it in the browser window. Clicking on clip0054will save the GIF to the local desktop.

Click clip0034 to view detailed information about the GIF.




Title of the GIF
Description of the recording from the SnapStream Program Guide
Start and End Date and Time for the clip from which the GIF was created
Channel from which the clip was captured
Duration of the GIF
Genre from the Program Guide
Scheduled By- This field gives the name of the user that scheduled the recording job that created this recording
File Size of the recording on disk
File Format
Machine Name- In a clustered environment, this field indicates the physical node on which the recording is stored
Path of the recording on disk
Resolution of the GIF


The following options are available:

Edit the recording Job by which the original recording was created
Edit Item- Change the metadata of the file, including many of the fields above. See Edit Recording for more information.
Tweet the GIF to your followers
View More Information about the file
View More Episodes of the original show

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