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Playing Multiple Recordings

SnapStream allows multiple recordings to be played simultaneously.

From the Library, you can select up to four recordings for simultaneous playback in the Multiviewer. To select a recording for Multiview, click Add to Multiview on the Library page.



The Multiview slots will be displayed on the page. Up to four recordings can be selected for Multi-View at a time.


To start playback, click the arrow (clip0091) icon.




In the multiviewer, audio will be heard only for the "active" recording. To change the active recording, click on any of the controls for a recording or click in the video window.


Playback controls are the same as those for standard playback, with the following additions:

   Play this recording in the standard web player 
   Sync all playback to the active recording
   Sync all playback to time of day
   Jump all playback to "Live" (i.e. current time)
   Expand the multiviewer to fullscreen
   Jump to a specific time in the active window








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