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 Ability to export video thumbnail along with video


Selecting the Export option from the Library will open this page.


Target Folder: Files will be exported to this location. Note: this option will only show Export locations, not Video Folders. For an explanation of the difference, see Folders.
Copy Auxiliary Files: SRT files containing closed-captioning information will be copied along with the video files, along with other additional files such as SmartChapter XML files.
Create Metadata XML: An XML file containing library information (title, channel, description, etc.)  for the item will be copied along with the video file
Remove Metadata from File: All Library metadata will be stripped from the file. This is useful for compatibility with certain third-party video editing programs. 
Upload Thumbnail
: Includes a JPEG snapshot of the first frame of the video

After confirming your selections, be sure to hit the
Submit button.

Click Add More to select additional items to share from the library in this session. Note: this will create a Working List for the Export feature.

Click Clear List to remove all of the existing items from this session.

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