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Edit Recording

To edit a recording's displayed attributes, click  the details icon next to the recording description in the Library: 

Click Edit Item. 


File Information: This section contains information about the file itself. Most of this information cannot be changed.

Machine Name: The SnapStream node on which the file is located.
Path: File folder location of the file on that node.
File Name
File Size
File Format
Keep Until: If Keep until space is needed is selected, this file will be deleted if it is the oldest recording on a disk upon which space is needed for another recording.  If Keep until I delete it is selected, this recording will never be deleted automatically.



Media Item Type: Contains information about the type of recording that this is. Note: this information is metadata and does not describe the file itself.

Type: The type of recording. Options are Series and Movie

Clip: This option allows you to mark a recording as a clip or remove that marking.


Details: Contains information about the show itself.

Title: The title of the series or movie. This affects both the displayed title of the show and its classification in the web interface and ViewScape "By Series" sorting. Movies will always appear under Movies in the By Series view.

Episode Title: The title of the episode. This field will not appear for movies.

Episode Description: The description of the episode or movie.


Channel: Changes the reported channel that the recording was performed on.

Start Date: Used to edit the displayed start date of the recording.

Original Air Date: Specifies the first time this episode or movie was broadcast.

Start/End Time: Changes the displayed time of the recording.

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