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About Working Lists

Working Lists allow you to create batched submissions for tasks such as ShowSqueeze (transcoding) and clip sharing.



To start a Working List:
  • Select one or more of the items in the Library.
  • Click the More Actions drop-down menu.
  • Select ShowSqueeze, SmartChapter, Move, Export, Run Workflow, or Share Clip.


You can Submit the job right away. You can also click Add More if you'd like to include additional items in this task submission. Clicking Add More will return you to the Library.



You will now see an entry for the task submission that you just started working on under Working Lists. The entries in Working Lists will be titled after the type of task that is being submitted.

To add new items to a Working List, select them from the Library, then select an action from the More Actions drop-down. Click on the name of a Working List to submit it or clear the items that are included.

Notes about Working Lists:

A Working List for a particular task submission will only appear after you click the Add More button.
Working Lists are specific to each login session. This means:
o Other users will not be able to see your lists
o Lists will not appear if the same user is logged in from a different browser or a different computer
o Logging out and logging back in will clear any existing lists
Only one Working List can be created at a time for each different type of tasks. For example, if there is an existing Share Clip list, any new items for which Share Clip is selected will be added to that list.
A new Working List will be created for each different type of task.
Removing all of the items in a Working List will cause that list to no longer appear in the Library.
Clicking Submit for a Working List will cause that list to no longer appear in the Library.



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