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Creating and Editing Users

The Users page provides options for managing local users of SnapStream. To allow access for LDAP users, see Create / Edit Group.


This list can be sorted by Username, Group Name, or the date of Last Login.

To delete a user, select it, then click Delete. To create a new user, click Create.  To edit a user, click the   icon.


Username: Enter the user's login name.

Password: Enter the user's new password. Note: An administrator does not need to know a user's password in order to reset it. Users can reset their own passwords once logged in by clicking the Change Password link in the web interface. Accounts for LDAP-linked users must be managed through Windows and cannot be managed through Enterprise TV.

Password Confirm: Re-enter the user's new password.

E-mail Address: The e-mail address entered here is used to autopopulate the "From" field when sharing clips, and the "To" field when creating TV Alerts. If no address is entered here, the "E-mail Task From" address in E-mail Alerts will be used instead.

Group: Select the group to which this user belongs. This determines the actions that this user is entitled to take. To edit the permissions for a group, see Add / Edit Local Group.

Hit F2 on this page to see a printable report on user and group configuration.

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