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Format Profiles

This page allows access to settings for the file formats used for recording and transcoding.


This page lists all of the file profiles that are available for the following formats:

Each file format has different settings that are available. The options on this page can be sorted by name, bitrate, or format.
Click the clip0034 icon to view detailed settings for a profile. Settings for preset profiles cannot be changed. 

To create a new profile: 

  • View the settings for an existing profile.
  • Click the Copy profile link. 
  • Make the desired changes and Save. 
Your new profile will now appear in this list and be available for use.


To delete a user-created profile: Click on the desired profile, then click Delete. Preset profiles cannot be deleted.
To edit a user-created profile, click the   icon.

Warning: Changing video encoding settings can change the way recordings interact with third-party software. Use caution when creating a new video profile

 A Word About H.264 Profiles 

The "plain" H.264 option generates files with the extension 
.mp4. In addition to this option, SnapStream also offers two other "wrappers" for H.264 files: a "transport stream" wrapper, which generates files with the extension .tp, and a "Quicktime" wrapper, which generates files with the extension .mov. All three H.264 options use the same quality profiles


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