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The Stats page gives a high-level overview of the usage of The SnapStream TV Appliance, including information about expiration.

Information About Upcoming Recordings 

This section lists information about scheduled recordings:

Next Recording Start: The time of the next scheduled recording.

Duration of Scheduled Recordings: The average length of completed recordings.

Recording Time Per Day: The average amount of TV recorded per day total.

Actual Archive Depth: The age of the oldest "Keep until space is needed" (i.e. non-locked) recording in the default recording folder. See Library for more information on "locking" recordings. Note that the oldest non-locked recordings do not need to be part of a regular recording job. For example, a recording folder containing only a single recording made one month ago will have an Actual Archive Depth of one month.

Predicted Archive Depth: The predicted age of non-locked recordings immediately before they expire, at the current level of daily usage. For example, if the current space requirement for recordings is 2 GB/Hour, and Recording Time Per Day is 20 hours, and the default recording folder has 400 GB of space including existing non-locked recordings, the Predicted Archive Depth will be 10 days.

Drive Space / (Default Space Requirement x Recording Time Per Day) = Predicted Archive Depth
Example: 400 GB / (2 GB/Hr x 20 Hr/Day) = 10 Days

 Note: Predicted Archive Depth and Actual Archive Depth will not necessarily be similar. ShowSqueezing or manually deleting recordings can increase the amount of time necessary before non-locked shows expire (Actual Archive Depth) beyond Predicted Archive Depth.

Recording History 


 This section displays historical information about recordings on your system as a line graph. 


Drive information


Each drive will be listed individually. If a folder pool is configured, it will be also be listed here.

Available Space: The amount of space on this drive that is available to Enterprise TV.

Used Space: The amount of space on this drive taken up by Enterprise TV recordings.

Average Duration Recorded Per Day: The average amount of TV recorded per day on this drive.

Total Duration Recorded: The total duration of all recordings on this drive.


Recordings to be Deleted


This section lists the 10 oldest "Keep Until Space is Needed" recordings on each drive. Any recordings that are scheduled for deletion within one day will be listed in red.


Upcoming Series Recordings


This field shows the recording series with the largest number of scheduled recordings according to current Program Guide data.

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