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Create 24-7 Recording Job

Select Create 24/7 to schedule a block-based 24-hour recording job.



TitleEnter the title of the recording job here. Recording made by this job will be titled with this entry and a block number. For example, "ESPN- Block 12."

Block SizeThe size of each recording block. Options are one, two, three, four, six, or eight hours.

Exclude Block: This option allows the exclusion of a specific time period from a 24/7 recording every day.

Individual Exclude Blocks: Allows the exclusion of blocks from 24/7 recordings on a per-day basis.

ChannelThe channel on which the recording will occur.

Destination Folder: The video folder to which the recording will be saved.

MPEG-2 recording profile: The MPEG-2 quality profile that will be used for this recording. Note: This option has no function for recordings from HD channels.

Max Number of Shows: For 24/7 recordings, this setting limits the number of recording blocks that will be kept in the library from a recording job. This does not limit the number of recordings that the recording job will generate; it only limits the number of recordings that currently exist on the system. Note that the number of days of recording represented by this option will vary depending on the Block Size. For example, setting this option to 32 with a block size of 3 hours will result in expiration of recordings after four days (24/3= 8 blocks/day; 32/8= 4 days before expiration).

Max Number of Days: This setting limits the age of recordings created by this recording job. Once a show in this recording job reaches this many days old, it will be expired and deleted. Note: this option is applied continuously, so that recordings with the Max Number of Days option set will be expired at their start time. For example, for a recording with Max Number of Days set to 3, a recording made at 7 PM on March 24 will be expired at 7 PM on March 27.

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