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This page lists recording conflicts.


The default page shows conflicted recordings from Today. Lists of conflicting recordings for upcoming days are also available.

To see a full list of upcoming recordings conflicts, select All.


Entries can be sorted by scheduled time or by name.


The following options are available for conflicted recordings:

Force: Forces SnapStream to record this episode. Forcing a recording will cause another job to fail to record. To see which recordings will be affected, click the "View Recordings. . . " option. See below for more information.

Edit Job: Displays the Edit page for this recording job.

Upcoming: Displays the Upcoming Recordings page.

Guide: Displays this episode's entry in the Program Guide.

View details of this conflict: Clicking this option will show a list of the recordings that conflict with this episode, along with scheduling information about each of them.


In this list, the following options are available.

To adjust the priority of a particular scheduled recording, enter the new desired priority and click the Update Priorities button. IMPORTANT: a new priority set here will affect all future airings for this job.
Click Details to see the Recording Job Details page for the job. Click Adjust Job Priorities to go to the Recording Manager page, where options for changing job priorities are available.
Click Cancel Job to delete the recording job that corresponds to this airing. WARNING: in most cases, using this option will cause multiple recordings to be canceled.
Click Do Not Record to cancel the specific airing of the specific show displayed. This option will not affect any other scheduled recordings.

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