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Create Manual Recording Job

Select Create Manual to schedule a time-based recording. 


Title: Enter the title of the recording job here. All recordings made by this job will have this title.

Recording Frequency: OnceWeeklyWeekdays, or DailyWeekdays start at 4:00 AM. For example, a recording scheduled for 2:00 AM on Weekdays will actually recording Tuesday through Saturday mornings.

Start Date: The date on which the first recording will occur. Can be used to schedule a manual recording job for the future.

Time: The time at which each recording will start.

Length: The duration of each recording, in hours and minutes.

Start & Stop the recording: Use these options to modify the start and stop times of the recording by up to three hours.

The channel on which the recording will occur.

Destination Folder: The video folder to which the recording will be saved.

MPEG-2 recording profile: The MPEG-2 quality profile that will be used for this recording. Note: This option has no function for recordings from HD channels.

Max Number of Shows: This setting limits the number of recordings from this job that will be kept in the Library. When this limit is reached, the oldest recording from this job will be deleted when the next recording starts.

Example: Three recordings of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" exist on the system and the recording job wants to create another recording. Enterprise TV will delete the oldest recording created by the job to "make room" for the new one.

Max Number of Days: Limits the age of recordings created by this recording job. Once a show in this recording job reaches this many days old, it will be expired and deleted.


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