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 Option to warn if CC data garbled

The Recording Settings page contains options for new recordings.


Default Recording Folder: The Video Folder to which new recordings will be saved by default. To change this option for individual recordings, see Edit or Create Recording Job.

Folders: Displays all folders available on the server or server cluster. Options here are the same as on the Folder Manager page.

Default MPEG2 Recording Profile: The Video Profile that will be used for new recordings by default. To change this option for individual recordings, see Edit or Create Recording Job. For more information about video profiles, see File Format Profiles.

Always Record To Transport Stream: Causes recordings to save as the Transport Stream file type, with the extension .TP.  Recording to transport streams improves the accuracy of clipping and seeking, and are required for in-progress playback on Macs, but may cause compatibility issues with some third-party applications. Note: Changes to this option will not take effect until the tuners are restarted using the Restart Tuner option on the Tuners page. 

Left Padding: Starts all recordings before their scheduled start time, when permitted by the recording schedule.

Right Padding: Ends all recordings after their scheduled end time, when permitted by the recording schedule.

Video Type: Switches the TV standard in use for analog recordings. Options are NTSC and PAL/SECAM.

Archive Recordings: When enabled, expired recordings will continue to show up in search results, and transcripts of these recordings will continue to be available through Enterprise TV. The actual video will not be available, however.

Direct UNC Recording: When recording directly to a UNC path, this option allows Enterprise TV to record directly from the tuner node to the path, rather than streaming the file to the master node first and then saving it to the path. Note: In order for Enterprise TV to write to a UNC path, changes must be made to the configuration of the SnapStream Broker windows service. See Software Services for more information.

Force External Tuning on Recording Switch: For 24/7 recordings that are happening on a single tuner that is configured to set the channel on a satellite or cable set-top box using IR blasting, SnapStream will not attempt to change the channel when a new recording starts by default. However, some set-top boxes will go to sleep if no remote signal is received. In this case, send a channel-change signal to prevent the set-top box from going to sleep. Enable this option to force SnapStream to send a channel-change signal each time a new recording starts in this case.

Transport Stream Extension: Toggles between the extensions .TP and .TS for MPEG-2 transport stream files. Note: this will only affect newly created recordings. 

Custom Dictionary: Allows the creation of custom dictionary entries for use with Search autocorrect. To add a new entry or edit existing entries, click Edit. 


Words entered here will be suggested as possible matches for similar entries in Search.

Warn on Recording Stopped Without Closed Caption Data: When this option is enabled, SnapStream will send a warning when a recording completes without closed captioning data. This can be useful for diagnosing problems with CC data in analog recordings.

Warn on Recording with Garbled Caption Data: When this option is enabled, SnapStream will send a warning when a recording receives closed captioning data that is corrupted. This option can be helpful in troubleshooting signal issues. 

Enable verbose CC parsing messages:
Used when troubleshooting issues with closed captioning.

Ignore Recent Recordings: By default, SnapStream will not record the same episode of the same series more than once. Enabling this option will cause episodes of all series to be recorded even if they have already been recorded. This option can also be enabled for individual recording jobs; see Edit Recording Job.

Automatically Convert H.264 TS Recordings to .MP4: When this option is enabled, SnapStream will change the file wrapper and extension of completed H.264 transport stream recordings from .tp or .ts to .mp4, for compatibility with third-party tools.

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