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The Machine page allows you to set options for each machine in the cluster.

IMPORTANT: SnapStream Media strongly recommends that you DO NOT adjust any settings on this page unless you have a specific reason for doing so. Please contact SnapStream support if you have questions about the function of the settings on this page.


Machine: Selects a cluster member.

Machine ID: This is a unique number that is used by SnapStream software to identify this machine. 

Temp Folder Path: 
By default, Enterprise TV will use the default Windows temp folder for temporary files generated during task processing. If you wish for Enterprise TV to use a different temp folder, specify it here.

Machine Name: Specifies the name or address that will be used to route playback to clients from this machine. Note: This field must contain a valid IP address or a name resolvable through DNS for client PCs.

Backend Machine Name: Specifies the name or address used for this machine in internal communication between SnapStream nodes. Note: This field must contain a valid IP address or name resolvable through DNS for other members of your SnapStream cluster.

Allow Processor Intensive Tasks: Allows this machine to perform tasks, such as ShowSqueeze and SmartSkip, that use a significant portion of the system's processing power. If disabled, this system will still perform non-processor-intensive operations, such as clipping, file moves, and file tagging.

Remember to Save any changes before navigating away from this page.


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