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This page gives high-level information about the status of the search index for closed-captioning data.


Queue Count: This field  indicates the number of new files that have not yet been added to the search index. Normally, this number will be near 0, as only new recordings will need to be added to the index. If the search index needs to be rebuilt, for example, as a result of a software update, this number will be higher, but will gradually decline. If this number is high and does not decline, it can indicate a problem with the closed captioning index.

Search Last Refreshed: This field indicates the date and time of the most recent searchable item in the library.

Reindex Folder / Reindex All: Allows you to rebuild the search index for a specific video folder, or for the entire library. These options can be useful if there is a problem with search results.

Note: Reindexing one file takes 1-3 seconds, so reindexing a folder with thousands of files can take a matter of hours. During that time, search results will be incomplete. Exercise caution when using this feature.

Search Index Location: The folder path in which the CC index files will be located. In most cases, it should not be necessary to change this setting.

Backup the CC Index / Backup Index Location / Backup Time: If enabled, the search index will be backed up once a day at a specified time to the specified location.

Dictionary Rebuild Time: The search dictionary is rebuilt once a day in order to maximize search accuracy. This  option allows you to specify the time at which this happens, as it is a resource-intensive operation and can cause the Enterprise TV user interface to slow down.

Search Result Lead Time: Specifies the length of time that will precede a search term when the result is played back. For example, if this option is set to 5, a user who plays back a search result will see 5 seconds of video before the term for which they searched will appear.

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