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The Program Guide page contains options for managing the server's program guide and information about its program guide data.


Automatic Updates: Turn automatic Program Guide updates on or off. Click Save after changing this setting.

Last Successful Update: Indicates the last time a program guide update completed successfully.

Last Auto Update Attempt: Indicates that last time the system began an attempt to update the program guide. Will usually be a few minutes before the Last Successful Update.

Next Auto Update Attempt: Indicates the next time the system will begin an attempt to update the program guide.  page.

First Guide Date: The date and time of the earliest entry in the current program guide. Will usually be sometime within the 24 hours preceding the Last Successful Update.

Last Guide Date: The date and time of the latest entry in the current program guide. Note: this is the last entry on any channel. Not all channels will necessarily have guide data until this point. The program guide will usually contain about two weeks of data for most channels.

Start UpdateBegins a download of program guide data from SnapStream.Net

Upload Guide DataLoads custom program guide data from a hard disk into the Program Guide.

About Lineups

SnapStream.Net lineups exist on the SnapStream website. Most of these lineups are created by SnapStream's guide data provider and simply passed through to your system. SnapStream.Net lineups have program guide data. The name and channel mapping cannot be edited through this page, you can choose to hide or show channels. See Create or Edit SnapStream.Net Lineup page for more information.

Custom Lineups are created on your SnapStream appliance by importing channels from existing SnapStream.Net lineups. This allows you to create a custom set of channels with program guide data. See Create or Edit Custom LineupNote: Custom Lineups will be listed under SnapStream.Net lineups.

Local lineups exist only on your system. They do not have guide data. See Create or Edit Local Lineup.

About SnapStream.Net accounts

A SnapStream.Net account allows you to log in at You can use this account to edit the channel listing for a custom lineup or configure the channels hidden in a SnapStream.Net account. It is not necessary to have a SnapStream.Net account to use your SnapStream system.

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