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The Tuners page has options for managing the tuners that are available to Enterprise TV.


The list of tuners can be sorted by priority, by the name of the device, or by the machine on which the physical tuning device is located.

The following information is displayed for each tuner:

Priority: When Enterprise TV starts recordings, it will dispatch recordings to the available tuner with the highest priority.
Name or Address: The machine on which the physical tuning device is located
Name and Number: The tuner numbers should correspond to the labeling on the rear of the chassis of each SnapStream server.
Channel Lineup: This determines the channels in the Program Guide that can be recorded by this tuner.

You can take the following actions from this page:

Add a Tuner: Click the Add Tuner link.
View recent recordings on a Tuner: Click the  link next to any of the tuner names..
Edit a Tuner: Click the   link next to any of the tuner names. Note: you can open the Edit page for any tuner in a new tab by holding the CTRL key while clicking.
Delete a Tuner: Check the box for the tuner, then click the Delete button.
Enable or Disable Tuners: Check the boxes for the tuners, and then select Enable Tuners or Disable Tuners from the More Actions drop-down. Enabled tuners will be listed in BlackDisabled tuners will be listed in Red.  
Change Tuner Priority: Enter the new priority numbers for any tuners you wish to edit, or drag the tuners to the desired priority positions, and select Save Priorities from the More Actions drop-down.  
Restart tuners: Will stop and restart the software process for the selected tuner(s). This action can be used to apply new tuner input settings or to attempt to bring nonfunctional tuners back online 
Use Test IPTV  to test the setup of an IPTV tuner.


  • Machine: For clusters with multiple SnapStream nodes, use this option to select the node receiving the IPTV stream
  • Network interface: Select the IP address that is receiving the IPTV stream
  • Lineup: The list of channels for this IP stream
  • Channel: The specific channel from the lineup that you wish to test
Click Test to test whether data is received with the specified settings. 

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