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H.264 Quality Settings

 Support for CBR H.264 encoding

To view the settings for a preset H.264 profile, click its title from the File Format Profiles page.


Note: settings for preset profiles cannot be changed.


To create a new profile, click the Copy profile link for one of the existing options.


File Format: The format of the video.

Profile: The name of the H.264 profile being edited.

Video Framerate: The frame rate of the video.

Video Width/ Height: Changes the size of the video. It is not possible to use these settings to change the aspect ratio of a recording. If the dimensions that are entered here do not match the aspect ratio of the original recording, the recording will be scaled at its original aspect ratio. 

Adjust Output Resolution: Specifies how the transcoding process will resize the video.

  1. Off (default) Output resolution will match Dimensions option. Pixel shape will be adjusted to fit shape of original video. This option will result in somewhat higher quality.
  2. On: Output resolution will be adjusted to fit shape of original video. This option is useful if the video is intended for use on an Apple device such as an iPhone.

Bitrate Mode:
Select Variable or Constant. Variable bitrate encoding is recommended for most applications.

AVC Encoder Preset: Specifies one of the H.264 codec's formatting profiles. For most applications, Baseline and Main are suitable, especially if the video is being used with third-party video editing software. Apple iPod or Apple iPod 640x480 should be used if the video will be played back on an Apple device.

Enable Silverlight CompatibilityEnables compatibility with Silverlight applications.

MOOV Atom before MDAT Atom: Improves performance when playing or processing incomplete files during file transfer. Also called "Fast Start."

Two Pass: Two pass encoding results in higher visual quality at a lower bitrate. However, enabling this option will increase the time required for H.264 encoding.

Average Video Bitrate: The bitrate (bits per second) used by the video portion of a recording. This value determines the quality of the video and the size of the file on disk.

Once you are finished editing the profile, be sure to click the Save button.

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