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About Task Priority


SnapStream allows you to create a wide variety of tasks for the system to process, and it's possible to create more tasks than the system can run at a single time.


Any node can perform Clipping, moving, and other simple tasks

Only nodes that have the Processor Intensive option enabled (in the Machine settings page) may perform ShowSqueeze
 (transcode) and SmartSkip (commercial detection).

How does SnapStream prioritize tasks in the queue?
  • SnapStream processes tasks of the same type in the order in which they were submitted or created.
  • Clips will still be created, one at a time, even if all nodes are performing the maximum number of tasks.
  • Transcodes of clips shorter than 15 minutes will be "jumped" to the front of the transcoding queue.
  • An algorithm limits the number of processor-intensive tasks that can be performed on a single server node.

If you have questions about how the Task queue is handled, contact SnapStream support.

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