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Detailed Task Status

A typical task status detail page might look like this:



A single post-processing task will often contain several individual steps. In this case, the task contains steps for:

  • Clipping 
  • File Tagging
  • Adding the clip to the Library
  • ShowSqueezing the file
  • Cloud Share
  • Deleting the transcoded file

The steps are run in sequence, and the information on this page will reflect that. In this case, the Tag File and Add to Library steps will not show any progress until after the ShowSqueeze step is complete.

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The information on this page includes the following for each step of the task list:

Task name
Priority: Corresponds to the options on the Local Settings page in the Admin section.
State: Started, Idle, or Failed.
Status: Shows Complete or Failure message.
Progress: Percent of the step that has been completed
Executing machine: Name of the SnapStream node that is performing this step
Time Created: Time at which the task was submitted
Time Completed: Time at which this step was completed
Source Machine: Name of the SnapStream node on which the recording is located
Source File: Path and filename of the recording
Destination Machine: Name of the SnapStream node on which the recording will be located after the completion of this step
Run Count: Number of times this step has been run.
Run Immediate: Indicates a Time-Constrained task that is set to ignore time constraints. For information on task categories, see the Local Settings page in the Admin section
User ID: User who created the task.
Task ID: Unique identifier for the Task
Additional diagnostic information about the task: Changes depending on the type of task


Example 1: Clip


A Clip task will show the Title, Start and End points (in both clock time and elapsed time), and Duration


Example 2: ShowSqueeze


A transcoding task will show the the Format and the Profile name that were used.


Example 3: Share Clip


A clip share task will show the To address, the From address, and the Subject of the email that was sent.


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