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Shared Clips

Click All Shares to see a list of all shared clips. Click My Shares to see a list of clips shared by the user who is currently logged in.


Click on the title of any clip to view it on SnapStream.Net.

Clips will remain in this list for as long as they are available for viewing (180 days by default). To change how long clips will remain available for viewing, see the Transcoding settings page.

To delete a clip, click the clip's checkbox and 
Delete. This will remove the clip from the SnapStream website and disable further views.

The following information is available for each shared clip:

Clip title
Date and time of the recording
The number of times the clip has been viewed
To and From e-mail addresses
Any text that was entered in the body of the e-mail
Items that are due to be deleted from SnapStream's cloud server in the near future will be marked as Expires Soon


More Actions:


 Export to CSV  Downloads a CSV file containing all of the information for clips displayed on this page
 Update Analytics  Contacts SnapStream.Net to update the play count for each share displayed on this page


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