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Web Player Tabs

The web player is tabbed to provide options for interacting with the recording that is currently playing. 

When the player windowpane is expanded, only a single tab will be shown


Resize the playback pane to see a second tab.




Gives general information about the recording, such as program guide information.

 This tab also provides the following options:

Download: save a copy of the recording to your desktop.
Share Clip: email a link to the clip, using SnapStream cloud sharing. (Clips only)
More Information: view the Recording Details page.
Link to Show: get a shareable link for playing back the show. Note: this link will only work for users who have access to the web interface on your SnapStream system.


To execute tasks on this recording, click More Actions:



Stop/Extend This Recording (in-progress items only): Select Stop Recording to end the recording now, or Extend Recording to change the end time of the recording.
Share Clip (clips only): E-mail links to play back specified clips. See Share Clips for more information.
ShowSqueezeSubmit all checked recordings for transcoding in a batch. See ShowSqueeze Selected Shows for more information.  
SmartChapterSubmit all checked recordings for SmartChapter generation.  See SmartChapter Selected Shows for more information.
Run Workflow: Execute the Workflow of your choice on the recording. See Workflows for more information.
ExportCopy the recording to the Export Folder of your choice. See Folders for more information.
Add to PlaylistAdd the recording to a Playlist.
Add Segment to PlaylistAdd a selected segment (defined by the clip endpoints) to a Playlist.
Upload to YouTube (clips only): Upload a copy of the recording to YouTube under your account. See Upload to YouTube for more inofrmation.

The Tags box shows any tags that have been added to the recording. Enter a word to add a tag.
Tags entered in this way will be added to the search index.


Blue tags are time-coded to a point in the recording.

To add a time-coded tag:
  • Right-click in the playback bar, or click the Tag (clip0060)button. 
  • Click on Add Tag Here 
  • Enter the text of your tag.


The tag will now appear in the playback bar.


Displays the closed captioning transcript.


By default, the closed-captioning display here will automatically scroll in sync with video playback. The current line of closed-captioning data will be highlighted in blue. To toggle automatic scrolling, click the button marked Auto Scroll On (or Off).

Use the Search option to find words within the current recording:


You can navigate through the recording by clicking on the words in the transcript.


Use the arrows to skip from one search result to the next.



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