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The SnapStream SDI Playout Interface

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SnapStream offers an SDI playout appliance ("node") for use with the TV search appliance. The SDI playout node is configured and used separately from the main SnapStream interface.

To access your SDI node, enter the name or IP address of the node in a web browser. You will be prompted to log in.

Log in just as you would for the SnapStream web interface. If you are connected to the SDI node for the first time, you'll be prompted to enter a Server. Use the name or IP address of your main SnapStream system.


The main page in the SDI interface is the Library. The appearance of this page is very similar to the Library in the main SnapStream interface, but the options are different. Each item in the library has two options:

Add to Playlist: Adds the recording to the SDI Playlist (see below)
Play: Starts playback of the recording immediately. IMPORTANT: clicking Play for any library item while playback is already in progress will stop the existing playback session and delete the playlist.

At the bottom of the Library page are the playback controls.


Shown here will be the title of the recording that is currently queued for playback. Controls are as follows:



View the playlist (see below)


Remove the current item from the playlist

clip0297   clip0298

Play the current item/ pause playback

clip0299 clip0300

Skip to the previous/ next item in the playlist


Stop playback


Loop playback of the current item

Clicking the Playlist button will open the playlist, as shown below.

To move items up and down in the playlist, drag and drop using the mouse. To remove an item from the playlist, click clip0304. To immediately start playback of an item in the playlist, click clip0305.


SDI Node Configuraton


To change the settings for the playout node, click Configuration at the top of the page.


SDI Output Resolution: The video resolution of SDI output. Options here are 720p, 1080i, and Same As Source.

Server: The SnapStream TV search appliance to which the SDI node will connect.

Enable 5.1 Audio: Turns on 5.1 surround audio for SDI playback of compatible recordings.

Note: Selecting Same As Source as the resolution option will result in output that matches the native resolution of recordings- that is, the recordings will not be rescaled by the SDI node. This may result in variations in resolution of playout of different recordings

Remember to click Save after making any changes to this page.


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