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  [REARCH-10387] - Queued Youtube uploads via the Social Dashboard

The Social page allows you to review and manage posts to social media such as Twitter and Facebook.


  • Items can be sorted by Date, Username or Scheduled Time
  • All Queued and All Posted show all of the items that the current user has permission to see. 
  • My Queued and My Posted show only the items submitted by the current user.

Queued Items

Queued items are prepared for upload by SnapStream, but have not uploaded yet:


The following information is listed for any queued items:

  • Username: the SnapStream user who submitted the item
  • Text: the text of the post
  • Type: Screenshot, video, GIF (Twitter only) or text
  • Date submitted: the date on which the item was put into the queue


Click on any item to review it.


The following options will be available for any queued items:

  • Tweet: Post to Twitter.
  • Post: Post to Facebook.
  • Edit: Change the text of the post or schedule it for a particular time.
  • Delete: Delete queued post or tweet.
Click Sort to change the order of queued posts or tweets:

Editing a Queued Item


When editing an item, the following options are available:

  • The account from which the item will be posted (only accounts with permission are visible)
  • schedule for the post to go up later automatically
  • Any links contained in the post
  • The text of the post


Posted Items


Click on any item to view it as posted. 

The following information is listed for any posted items:

  • Username: the SnapStream user who submitted the item.
  • Text: the text of the post.
  • Type: Screenshot, video, GIF (Twitter only) or text.
  • Cross-post button: Allows a post to Twitter to be posted to Facebook or vice versa. 
  • Date submitted: The date on which the item was posted.
  • Engagement: For Twitter, this will includes Retweets and Likes. For Facebook, this will include Likes, Comments, Shares, and Views (video only). For YouTube, this will include the number of thumbs-up and thumbs-down votes, as well as Comments and Views.

      To view detailed engagement statistics for Facebook posts, click the Insights button ( )

          If you want to 
          post the same media to the same social network, use the Crosspost Icon for that network.


          • In order to see a particular item, you must have permission to view it on the platform to which it was posted. For example, if a GIF was posted to a protected Twitter account, and you aren't logged in to Twitter, you won't be able to see the post.
          • The Posted Items view lists only posts from the SnapStream interface, not all posts made to the accounts shown.
          • Not all items can be cross-posted. If the cross-post button does not appear for a particular item, that means that type of post is not supported on the other platform (for example, GIFs on Facebook.)

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