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Program Guide Search

 Tooltip for source lineup of guide channels

To search the program guide, select "Search The Guide" from the search drop-down, as shown below.



Program Guide Search has the same options as Search for recordings, with the addition of the ability to exclude or limit the search to scheduled recordings.


See Search Help for information about search terms.


Results will be displayed when you click "Search The Guide."


For each search result, the following information will be displayed:

Series Title
Episode Title (if any)
If the episode first aired less than one week ago, it will be marked as New
Date and Time of the airing
Episode Description (if any)
Channel, Callsign and Network

You can also see the lineups on which a particular result is available by mousing over the channel callsign. 



The options for a result depend on whether a recording job is currently scheduled for the series to which the result belongs.


If a recording job IS currently scheduled for the series, the result will look like this:


Options will be:

Record this episode at this time/ Do not recording this episode at this time- Forces or blocks recording of this airing
Do not record any episodes- Cancels the recording job for this series
View and edit details- Edit the recording job
Conflicts- See other scheduled recordings that conflict with this airing
Upcoming- See upcoming recordings that are scheduled from this series
Recent- See recent recordings from this series


If a recording job is not currently scheduled for the series, the result will look like this:


Record This Episode
Record All Episodes
Record All New Episodes
Record All Episodes at this time (a "timeslot" recording)


These options are the same as the options in the Program Guide.

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