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View Log

The Log page records status messages about Enterprise TV.


Log Start/End Date: Specifies the start and end points of the log search.

Log Level: The type of message that will be displayed. Options are:

Error: Indicates a failure condition for a software feature. These messages require immediate attention.

Warning: Indicates a state that may lead to a failure condition in the future. These messages may or may not require attention in order to avoid failure.

Information: High-level status messages for normal software operation.

Debug: Low-level status messages. Useful for troubleshooting.

When filtering by Log Level, you can filter upward or downward from the chosen level. For example, selecting a Log Level of Information and the option Equal and Higher will show messages marked Information, Warning, or Error.

Message: Search the log entries for specific text.

Search Syntax: The Log Search feature uses the same syntax as the TV Search feature. See Search Help for details.


Many log messages contain strings that consist of multiple words without spaces. For example, messages about a folder refresh operation will contain the string "PartialRefreshFolerThread." Searching for "refresh" would not return these messages. Instead, when searching debug messages, try placing asterisks before and after the terms you are looking for. For example, searching for "*refresh*" would return all messages containing the word "refresh," including messages in which the word is part of a longer string, such as "PartialRefreshFolderThread."


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